Two small flights for probes, one giant leap for experiments in space



Two small flights for probes, one giant leap for experiments in space

On October 9th we had a lift-off of two strato-probes for the Valašské Meziříčí Observatory in scientific collaboration with the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry of Mendel University in Brno as part of an international project called Together on the Edge of Space.  On an extremely windy day, in a meadow above the Partizánske observatory in western Slovakia, two stratospheric balloons filled with helium began their journey.


The first probe took off at eight o'clock in the morning followed by the second one from twelve to two in the afternoon and they did not disappoint!


At about 35 km altitude the probe modules began their biochemical, photochemical, and biological experiments in an environment with almost no atmosphere, with direct exposure to ultraviolet and cosmic radiation.


Thanks to these sophisticated probes, micro-algae were used as a part of another experiment that will help in the agronomy or food industry!


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Not bad for a little balloon, what do you think?