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A Czech nanosatellite by BD Sensors s.r.o. with exciting payload on a mission to support amateur radio community.

BDSat is a joint project of the company BD SENSORS and the scientists from the Brno University of Technology. This project was enabled by financial support from the state budget through the Ministry of Industry and Trade in TRIO program.

Size: 1U
Weight: 1179g
Radio: 436, 025 MHz (UHF), 145.850(VHF)
Orbit height: 500- 550 km
Orbit type: Sun-synchronous
Launch date: April 01, 2022
Status: Active

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Spacemanic's role

Spacemanic's role in this project consists of delivering the CubeSat platform and subsystems (solar panels, power supply unit, on-board computer, UHF/VHF transceiver, lodestone, and customized motherboards), along with multiple services such as satellite design, development, launch campaign management, licensing and frequency coordination, mission design and budgeting, support to the payload team, overseeing the environmental testing campaign, and lastly, the integration services.