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Bring the Universe into Your Classroom with SchoolSat



Bring the Universe into Your Classroom with SchoolSat

Meet Schoolsat - Spacemanic's educational nanosatellite that teaches students spacecraft systems engineering and data analysis, preparing them for STEM careers.

When working in any field imaginable, sooner or later, one realizes that life is finite and that there is a need to find someone to become the new torchbearer. And since it is best to get people excited about something at a young age, Spacemanic has come up with an easy and approachable way to teach and popularize CubeSat development, SchoolSat.

SchoolSat is a functional nanosatellite designed for teaching spacecraft systems engineering in the classroom and laboratory. Inspired by the popular CubeSat standard, it serves as an engaging educational tool that blends theoretical knowledge with practical skills. This innovative approach makes science education more interactive and enjoyable, preparing students for future careers in STEM fields.

It is based on an Arduino-compatible platform and features all the traditional satellite subsystems such as Structural, Electrical Power (EPS), Data Handling (DH), Communications (Comm), Attitude Determination and Control (ADCS), and Thermal subsystems. The satellite is beginner-friendly in terms of assembly and includes all components necessary to introduce students to satellite technology and operations.

Working with SchoolSat helps foster a specific skill set, much desirable for a future career in the aerospace industry. Students learn about the basic satellite construction, its individual subsystems, and their necessary components.  After the assembly, they continue with the software part of the satellite and become familiar with the Arduino platform and the best ways to upload the necessary software onto the onboard computer. 

Once the SchoolSat is fully working it is not the end of the experience and learning. A suite of built-in sensors and the ability to connect SchoolSat to a computer allows students to collect environmental data and further study them. This practical experience is invaluable, as it introduces students to data analysis and the entire process of using satellites for scientific and industrial applications.

Are you ready to bring the wonders of space technology into your classroom?  Order your SchoolSat kit now and launch your classroom into the next frontier of science education!

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