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CORVUS: Spacemanic's Advanced Nanosatellite Platform unveiled during the Czech Space Week



CORVUS: Spacemanic's Advanced Nanosatellite Platform unveiled during the Czech Space Week

Brno, November 28, 2023 

Spacemanic presents CORVUS – an advanced 6U nanosatellite platform developed through ESA Pioneer project. 

Spacemanic has contributed to one-third of all Czech satellite missions. Recently, the company has successfully launched the third Slovak mission named Veronika, and is actively supporting the first Croatian satellite, CroCube. Another significant achievement is the GRBAlpha project which received international recognition and was even mentioned on the NASA website.

 To push the boundaries of current technological capabilities, Spacemanic initiated the ambitious CORVUS project under the ESA Pioneer program. The goal is to develop the most advanced 6-12U platform for nanosatellites globally, capable of undertaking extremely demanding missions. This platform will serve a wide range of purposes, from Earth observation (EO) to telecommunications services, and defense applications. Spacemanic emphasizes providing a comprehensive service, including mission design, manufacturing, testing and qualification, launch procurement and launch campaign management, operations, and delivery of required data sets. 

During the Czech Space Week, Spacemanic introduces the CORVUS project, a significant step forward for Spacemanic in developing technologies for utilization in Earth's orbit and beyond. This ambitious project centers around the creation of a cutting-edge 6U nanosatellite platform, designed to broaden the horizons of space exploration and research.

The project's name – CORVUS – is inspired by one of the ancient Greek constellations, best observed in spring. As Jakub Kapuš, CEO of Spacemanic, states, "CORVUS is our commitment to precision and robustness in the space industry." CORVUS is designed to technologically surpass the current level of platforms on the market. 

"We are aware that our customers demand more than just satellite production or launch; they seek a complete solution that delivers processed data directly to them," says Spacemanic's COO, Daniela Jović. Therefore, Spacemanic offers end-to-end services, including collaboration with other Czech companies specializing in data processing, Earth observation, and similar technologies. 

"In our ambitions, we go far beyond Earth," says Jakub Kapuš. Spacemanic is dedicated to building future infrastructure, reaching up to lunar orbit and potentially beyond. Our CubeSats can play a key role in navigation and telecommunications for both manned and unmanned missions on the Moon's surface. Spacemanic opens the possibility of placing payloads in lunar orbit in a cost-effective manner, a step towards expanding humanity's reach in space exploration. 

First CORVUS mission: focusing on space debris 

In its first mission, CORVUS will venture into low Earth orbit with a clear goal – to monitor and address the growing problem of space debris. "This mission underscores our commitment not only to develop technologies but also to contribute to sustainability and space exploration," says Kapuš. 

Modularity and versatility

The CORVUS platform concept is focused on versatility. CORVUS is designed to accommodate various types of customer payloads, making it flexible for a wide range of scientific and commercial activities. The robust construction ensures long life and durability, making the system suitable for complex and demanding missions and cutting-edge technological experiments. 

Shared journey: Platform sharing possibilities

In addition to our own missions, we envision CORVUS as a means of collaboration. Spacemanic plans to offer customers the option of sharing the payload space within the platform for each flight to maximize its potential. "Our platform is ready for collaboration and sharing with our partners," explains Kapuš.

Juraj Dudáš, director of the space division at VZLU, notes: "Our collaboration with Spacemanic and the integration of the improved AOCS system into the CORVUS mission represents a significant milestone in our efforts to advance technological capabilities in attitude control in the field of nanosatellite technology. This system enhances the precision and efficiency of satellite maneuvering, which is crucial for the success of the most complex missions." 

Unveiling the CORVUS logo 

We also take this opportunity to unveil the official logo of the CORVUS platform, featuring a raven with a constellation modified into the shape of a CubeSat. This representation embodies the essence of our new progressive CubeSat platform. The space industry is on the rise, and we will be there with CORVUS. We invite you to join us on this journey and continue pushing the boundaries of what the Czech space industry can achieve. 

Together, we will reach for the stars! 

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