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CroCube mission taking shape



CroCube mission taking shape

CroCube, the mission of the first Croatian satellite: Combining previous successes and a vision of a sustainable future, company Spacemanic and organization A3 (Adriatic Aerospace Association) initiated this project, willing to unite the whole country and send the first Croatian satellite into orbit!

The crowdfunding powered by platform is well underway and the current team of 25 members is working hard to make this the most successful project of the century in Croatia.

Goal of this mission is to:

Facilitate the technological development of Croatia, create an advanced society focused on prosperity and innovation, and increase participation in the global space sector

Drive Croatia into the space era, increase interest in astronomy and space projects, and develop STEM and tech entrepreneurship

Create a platform for founding a space center in Croatia, increase investments and employment in robotics, technology, and ICT

Reduce unemployment and prevent brain drain

Increase the number of investments and employees in robotics and ICT industry

Promote Croatia as a country of innovations on the global scale

Become independent of other satellites and create their own missions and sources of data, as well as achieve collaboration with leading space companies

Cooperation with European Space Agency and leading space companies

Learn more about the project here.