Daniela Jovic steps into the role of COO



Daniela Jovic steps into the role of COO

For almost two and a half years, Daniela Jovic has been an integral part of the Spacemanic team. With growing demand, many exciting projects in the pipeline, and new missions to come, the company is looking to strengthen the team, and transform into a big, well-oiled machine, therefore strong leadership is needed.  

"During her time in the company, Daniela has over and over shown, that this is not just "a job" for her, but that pushing the boundaries of space exploration is her true mission. She has stood by the company in difficult times and has always found a solution to even the most difficult of situations. She has helped to transform the company of "space-tech nerds" into a customer-oriented business and push us onto the next level. Daniela treats the company as her own, and that is why it is the right time, to even formally make it so," said Jakub Kapus, CEO.

With one satellite already launched this year, Spacemanic is kicking off 2023 strong, with many contracted missions, projects, and returning customers.  The whole team is looking forward to bringing on the A-game for possibly the most challenging, exciting, and demanding year so far. 

You can also meet Daniela at the Finnish Satellite Workshop 2023 taking place on 18-20 January, in Espoo, Finland.

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