Done and dusted - ESA BIC incubation



Done and dusted - ESA BIC incubation

Spacemanic's "inCUBEtion" mission with ESA BIC in the Czech Republic and JIC is successfully completed!

During the first year of our incubation, we assembled new marketing materials, as well as a new corporate identity and logo. The second part of the incubation period was oriented on the thing we do best – missions to space!

Spacemanic focused on preparing space missions, from design and operations to creating a portfolio of components and modules. That was a giant leap for our company and team!  

 The important thing was to seek out a new life for our satellites – new customers and commercial activities – so we could continue our space journey in a successful self-financed way. The financing knowledge we gained following this path, while dealing with pandemics, resulted in a healthy way to run and manage a company.

Thanks to our good reputation and even better projects, people started to notice our flag, and every day more and more companies wanted to be a part of our space crew. If not with cooperation, then with a request for a lecture or participation in an interview.

During this incubation mission, we gained more than we expected. We planned to work with one customer, but got four instead and we were over the moon with the results!

We are grateful for our cooperation and work with Czech Aerospace Research Center (VZLU), BD Sensors, Exolaunch, Spaceflight Inc., whose help resulted in meeting the toughest requests of our clients.

While orbiting is our primary goal, the important step is also landing and stabilizing our position on the market by improving the sales and marketing efforts.

The knowledge and experience we gained during this incubation will be used to further explore the unknown and bring the darkness of space to light.