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GRBBeta: Mission update



GRBBeta: Mission update

The preparations for the upcoming maiden flight of Ariane 6 on July 9th are in full swing. Just a few days ago the CubeSat payloads, including GRBBeta built by Spacemanic, have been integrated into the launch adapter. They are now eagerly awaiting the D-Day.

GRBBeta is a successor of the world-renowned GRBAlpha, a gamma-ray burst detection satellite. Apart from the continuation of the gamma-ray detection mission, it is also a testbed for several new technologies that will, hopefully, pave the way for a future fleet of GRB satellites orbiting our blue planet. This entire mission has been made possible thanks to the main contractor, the Faculty of Aeronautics at the Technical University of Košice.

We would like to use this opportunity to introduce the GRBBeta official website, prepared by the Faculty of Aeronautics.