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NASA State-of-the-Art of Small Spacecraft Technology



NASA State-of-the-Art of Small Spacecraft Technology

Spacemanic is yet again featured in the annual NASA State-of-the-Art Small Spacecraft Technology report, highlighting nanosatellite and CubeSat components and platforms.

The report, initiated in 2013, traces the evolution of small spacecraft technology, now representing a significant share of space access. It is updated annually, focusing on recent technology developments and design considerations for each spacecraft subsystem. The information provided in the report is insightful, detailing the evolution and growth of small spacecraft technology since the first edition in 2013. The report's effort to capture new information annually and bridge existing technology gaps is commendable. The organized approach in each chapter, presenting mini-stand-alone reports on spacecraft subsystems, provides a valuable resource for those identifying components for their missions.

We at Spacemanic are greatly pleased that several of our platforms and subsystems have been showcased. This goes to prove that our persistence and hard work have not gone unnoticed, made an impact in the space industry sector, and will serve as an extra source of motivation in the future.

Check the full report here.