Scientific breakthrough for GRBAlpha 1U CubeSat



Scientific breakthrough for GRBAlpha 1U CubeSat

On August 10th, the team in charge of the scientific payload of the GRBAlpha satellite released the information about the first confirmed detection of the gamma-ray burst. 

This is the first time ever that a GRB was observed by a 1U CubeSat dedicated to gamma-ray burst observations.
The GRB that was detected was a long duration GRB 210807A (Swift-BAT detection; Lien et al. GCN Circ.  30600)

The report further states that the data acquisition started at 10:05:14 UT and the tail part of the prompt emission, which consists of multiple peaks, was observed with a duration of about 80 sec. The 7.3 sigma detection significance was confirmed at around 10:06:00 UT.

For more data, consult the official NASA resource here.

Spacemanic is responsible for project management, mission design, and necessary satellite simulations. Spacemanic also built and integrated almost all the components, such as the electrical power system, solar panels, on-board computer and GPS receiver module, attitude sensor module, and passive magnetic stabilization system with necessary calibration. Spacemanic has also coordinated the payload development team and integrated the satellite into a 1U structure with great success. Spacemanic's team also developed the software for their components like OBC and GPS modules. 

Spacemanic also worked on the "ground segment", including project documentation and ground support equipment. Further, Spacemanic provided development and expertise on the ground radio station and took care of all necessary environmental testing connected to a satellite launch including necessary transportation and integration to the deployment system.

GRBAlpha is currently operated by Spacemanic ground solutions.