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Veronika in orbit!



Veronika in orbit!

[November 11, 2023] Transporter 9 - Dedicated rideshare mission to SSO (Sun Synchronous Orbit), at 6:49 PM (UTC).

Veronika, our 1U nanosatellite, has flawlessly entered orbit, marking a pivotal milestone in our collaborative mission with esteemed partners. Thanks to the seamless coordination with SpaceX, Veronika hitched a ride aboard the Transporter-9 rideshare mission, demonstrating the strength of our partnership with this industry leader. Kudos also to our reliable launch partner, Exolaunch, for facilitating this momentous journey.

Following a successful deployment, the first contact was established promptly, validating Veronika's operational integrity. The satellite is not only operational but has already excelled in camera tests, capturing captivating images from the vastness of space. As we transition into the commissioning phase, we're primed to unlock the full potential of Veronika's capabilities.

The overarching goal of the Veronika mission is to serve as a beacon of knowledge. By transmitting valuable data back to Earth, our nanosatellite aims to enrich educational institutions and science enthusiasts globally. This mission, with its unique aspects like being the first "family satellite" and the world's inaugural pink satellite, symbolizes our dedication to pushing the boundaries of space exploration. Stay tuned as Veronika continues its journey, contributing to the collective understanding of our cosmic surroundings.

The Telemetry dashboard is available thanks to SatNOGS here.

(photo credit: SpaceX)