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VZLUSAT-2 celebrates 1st birthday in orbit



VZLUSAT-2 celebrates 1st birthday in orbit

On January 26, the Czech satellite - VZLUSAT-2 of Czech Aerospace Research Centre, celebrated its first birthday in orbit. 

VZLUSAT-2 satellite was launched aboard the Falcon 9 rocket on January 13, 2022. It sent the first signal to ground control on January 26, 2022. That's why representatives of companies and institutions collaborating on the project gathered in Prague exactly one year later to comment on mission's progress and celebrate the achievements.

VZLUSAT-2 is carrying cutting-edge payloads, most importantly Earth observation cameras, X-ray optical payload, GRB Detector, Space X-ray Detector, Space Dosimetry System Demonstrator, and Water vapor outgassing sensor. 

We wish the satellite "smooth sailing" and plenty of success!

Spacemanic's main role in the VZLUSAT-2 project was the launch campaign management.

Spacemanic also provided a couple of subsystems for this mission, such as solar panels, and a GNSS receiver. 

Telemetry and info from the satellite can be tracked on SatNOGS here.

Image credit: Výzkumný a zkušební letecký ústav