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We like to move it! Spacemanic unveils new premises in Brno



We like to move it! Spacemanic unveils new premises in Brno

Introducing Spacemanic's New Home in Brno!

Spacemanic has recently relocated to new premises in Brno. Our team is buzzing with excitement as we settle into our modern workspace, complete with a greatly equipped laboratory.

The new premises offer ample space and cutting-edge facilities, providing us with the resources we need to continue pushing the boundaries of space exploration. This space will help us enhance our research and development efforts, driving innovation in the space industry.

Beyond the practical advantages, our team is looking forward to the collaborative opportunities that the new workspace affords. The office layout encourages communication and teamwork, fostering a dynamic environment where stellar ideas may flourish!

We are confident that our new premises will serve as a hub of innovation and excellence, empowering us to deliver even greater value to our clients and partners. From designing cutting-edge satellite systems to conducting groundbreaking research, we are ready to make the most of our new space and take Spacemanic to new heights.

To celebrate this occasion, our team organized a small, informal gathering for our partners, supporters, and friends.

Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this exciting new chapter in our journey. The future of space exploration starts here, at Spacemanic's premises in Brno!