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Start to learn satellite engineering with our nanosatellite educational tool.

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SchoolSat is a functional nanosatellite designed for teaching spacecraft systems engineering in the classroom and laboratory. SchoolSat is based on an Arduino-compatible platform. Students can get hands-on experience with programming, radio communication, sensor read, and data processing. SchoolSat also has an Electrical Power System with solar panels and other traditional satellite subsystems: Structural, Electrical Power (EPS), Data Handling (DH), Communications (Comm), Attitude Determination and Control (ADCS), and Thermal subsystems.

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SchoolSat - AMOS

Main Features:

  • Functional nanosatellite design
  • Improves the engineering skills:
    • Learn to solder
    • Learn programming
    • Learn to use sensing systems
    • Learn 3D printing
  • Be ready for aerospace engineering!

Cubesat standard compliance:

  • The Schoolsat structure complies with cubesat standard
  • Can be printed on a 3D printer

The SchoolSat composition:

  • Great education tool
  • Contains: Arduino onboard computer, Power supply with batteries, Sensing board with thermometer, Magnetometer, Accelerometer, GPS, Gyroscope, Ready for other external sensors, LoRaWAN® networking protocol communication tool
  • With video and written manual
  • Open-source project